Stockholm is built on 14 islands between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. I’m not exaggerating when stating that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. Its splendour lies in its beautiful architecture, an abundance of green spaces, bridges and waters.

Stockholm is an international metropolis, and particularly rich in cultural activities, with a wide selection of museums, art galleries, theatres and musical performances. Swedish design is famous, and shops and boutiques are seducing. The restaurants form a melting-pot of flavours from around the world, and of course Swedish cooking at its best.

In addition to this, Stockholm has its outstanding Archipelago, within reach for anyone. You don’t have to own a house or a boat to be able to spend a few hours or several days on the islands. There’s a whole fleet of ships on regular schedules to different islands whether you go by a fast motor ship or by one of the many well preserved steamships.

the Archipelago

In the Archipelago